Use of Loofah and its Maintenance

Loofah is the sponge type stuff made from the fibrous material which is a perfect option for the smooth feel of bathing whenever you are tired after any game of pokies and also gentles your skin by exfoliating it. Most of the people use to prefer this sponge for daily use, but they don’t know the proper maintenance which has to be used to make the best use of the Loofah in your bathing. Else they use to grab in with various skin related problems with the bacteria prone infections. This post is going to focus about the Loofah maintenance to use it in more efficient way and to make people aware about the things related to the Loofah that may hampers their health.

Loofahs are available in many shapes and sizes with a little touch of scent. They made from the plant materials and believed to be quite good for the skin. They work for the dry skin to keep it sleek and smooth. Loofahs remain hard when dry but when applied with hot water and regular application of the soap, they become quite soft and easy manageable. For better results, use Loofah with the hot water and then apply soap on it. Then have a pleasant bath while scrubbing with the Loofah. Only a little soap works a lot if applied on Loofah. Gently spread it all over the body in circular moves.

Apart from using this, there are some precautions which we all have to follow as the Loofah is a big place for the bacteria. It is being said that your Loofah must be cleaned at least once in a week to keep it fresh. Then best way to clean is to boil it for minutes so that all the bacteria will be drained out easily and you can reuse your regular Loofah with a same exotic feel of bathing. Some may try applying different steps of cleaning. This includes rinsing the Loofah in to the cold running water. Then soak the Loofah in a container after putting some vinegar into it and leave for 1-2 hours. After the specified time, put the Loofah out and remove the excess liquid. Then keep the sponge at a proper place to make it dry. You have now with you a fresh new sponge or Loofah to use with a new feel. Also it saves your time effort and money to go outside and purchase a new one by investing one.