Hair Spa Treatment

In this Article we will talk about the hair spa treatment. Everyone wants well manageable and beautiful hair. Hair spa is latest way to get rid of the hair problems like damaged hair, hair loss and dandruff which generally occurs if you are regular visitor of places of mob like bars, casinos etc. Now almost every hair salon and spa centers are providing different kinds of hair spa treatments with some special facilities so people can make their hair more beautiful and shining.

First of all we should know about the hair spa treatment. When we talk about hair spa then it refers to the different hair treatments which involve shampooing, oil massage and mask of hair. The hair spa treatment normally starts with its first step of oiling the hair and scalps. After oiling the hair we need to shampoo the hair and then we do the conditioning. Most of the hair salon takes one hour or more for the entire hair spa treatment. Hair spa treatment is very helpful for those people who are facing problems with their hair like hair loss, damaged hair and dull hair. There are some more advantages of hair spa treatment.

  • A hair spa treatment can control the hair fall
  • It is helpful to repair the damaged hair
  • Helpful in dandruff problem
  • Helpful in itchy scalp problem
  • Helpful to get moisture and shine in the hair

As I have noticed many spa center and hair salon during their work, so I can say that hair spa treatment takes one hour. In the first ten minute should be spending in oiling and scalp massage. After the ten minutes of massage and shampooing we should apply the conditioning mask. The massage should be 25-30 minutes long. After doing these steps the remaining time of the hair spa treatment should be used for applying the cream. The cream should be applied all around the hair root till the top. It should take almost 40 minutes and after the cream process we should wash the hair with lukewarm water. To reduce the hair fall and dandruff you should massage and oil the hair properly because massaging and oiling are very helpful for these hair problems. The hair spa treatment will make your hair shining and reduce the dandruff. Now we can say that the hair spa treatment can be very helpful for different kind of hair problems. If someone can’t manage to go any hair salon for hair spa treatment then she can easily do this at home. It will only need some important things but most of the people like to go to the hair salon for this kind of treatment.