Safety tips on Spa

Before taking spa you have to remember the some point which I am going to share my experiences with you through this post. Firstly check the water which you are using is to be free from any harmful organism and healthy before entering in spa. It can be happened only controlling and maintenance of the pH level of water. Make sure about the TA, bacteria and pH level should be must in appropriate level. Be aware of safety concerns before enter in any spa. Always ensure about the spa while purchasing the spa package. I am very conscious about my skin so whenever I go to the spa always take care of these. It will be very dangerous or I will say avoid taking alcohol or any type of drug in spa. The reason behind this is simply clear that it can be give negative effect when you are using hot water spa. If you are drug addictive and going to spa, so take prescription or consult your doctor. So always prefer juice or mineral water if you want to take any drink.

Pregnant lady should be consult with doctor before entering in spa. Hot water spa can be harmful for pregnant lady. Also if you are suffering diabetes, low or high blood pressure or any other heart problem. The most important factor about the spa safety that it should be safe, good and working condition. Taking too long time in water with high temperature can be harmful, so avoid sitting long time in spa. According to the specialist ideal water temperature is 95degrees but not more than 10 minutes. Children should always keep away from the spa. Do not use any electronic device like corded phones, radio, hair dryers and any other electronic devices while taking hot water spa because it can be drop into the water. Always make sure about the hot water which you are using in the hot water spa, it must be free from bacteria and unhygienic components. Actually I am very conscious about my skin so I always take care about the water sanitizer and pH level. Never use the same towel which already used by any other client, it will be not good for your skin. So i hope these safety tips of spa will help you in getting better results. This will keep you refresh if you are in the habit of gambling.

Hair Spa Treatment

In this Article we will talk about the hair spa treatment. Everyone wants well manageable and beautiful hair. Hair spa is latest way to get rid of the hair problems like damaged hair, hair loss and dandruff which generally occurs if you are regular visitor of places of mob like bars, casinos etc. Now almost every hair salon and spa centers are providing different kinds of hair spa treatments with some special facilities so people can make their hair more beautiful and shining.

First of all we should know about the hair spa treatment. When we talk about hair spa then it refers to the different hair treatments which involve shampooing, oil massage and mask of hair. The hair spa treatment normally starts with its first step of oiling the hair and scalps. After oiling the hair we need to shampoo the hair and then we do the conditioning. Most of the hair salon takes one hour or more for the entire hair spa treatment. Hair spa treatment is very helpful for those people who are facing problems with their hair like hair loss, damaged hair and dull hair. There are some more advantages of hair spa treatment.

  • A hair spa treatment can control the hair fall
  • It is helpful to repair the damaged hair
  • Helpful in dandruff problem
  • Helpful in itchy scalp problem
  • Helpful to get moisture and shine in the hair

As I have noticed many spa center and hair salon during their work, so I can say that hair spa treatment takes one hour. In the first ten minute should be spending in oiling and scalp massage. After the ten minutes of massage and shampooing we should apply the conditioning mask. The massage should be 25-30 minutes long. After doing these steps the remaining time of the hair spa treatment should be used for applying the cream. The cream should be applied all around the hair root till the top. It should take almost 40 minutes and after the cream process we should wash the hair with lukewarm water. To reduce the hair fall and dandruff you should massage and oil the hair properly because massaging and oiling are very helpful for these hair problems. The hair spa treatment will make your hair shining and reduce the dandruff. Now we can say that the hair spa treatment can be very helpful for different kind of hair problems. If someone can’t manage to go any hair salon for hair spa treatment then she can easily do this at home. It will only need some important things but most of the people like to go to the hair salon for this kind of treatment.


Types of Spa

Being so much fond of spa and gambling, I use to enjoy it so often. As mentioned in the home page, there are several techniques to adopt for enjoying spa and betting. I tried to elaborate these in this post. I think spa is one of the amazing techniques which give you a proper chance to relax your mind as well as your body from the daily hectic routine. Spa theory also improves the body toxins and circulation. May be you do not know what type of spa will be better for you. But no worries after reading this article it will be very easy for you to choose a correct or I can say right spa for you.

Types of spa:

  • Destination spa– This spa is offers healthy holiday spa package which can make you feel very relaxed during your holidays. It provides you many benefits like best treatment in spa, different types of fitness activities in different classes with health cuisine. Like Chiva Som is very famous award winning spa. During my business meeting I use to go different places, so making me feel relaxed and stress free then I went there.
  • Ayurvedic spa– Ayurvedic spa technique is very popular and oldest form of spa and also used in ancient times. This technique is based on the herbal products, diet and yoga exercises. Ananda at Himalayas is a spiritual place which provides innovative spa health programs Ayurveda facial massage and so on, you also can enjoy meditation, different types of exercises, yoga etc.
  • Traditional spa– This spa provides wide range of therapies and treatment to improve beauty and health experiences. Traditional spa also provides enormous facilities which make us feel fresh and relaxed through various treatments like Jacuzzi, stem and sauna.
  • Medical spa– Medical spa is one of the most popular and famous spa in both men as well as women, which mainly focus on the treatment of people through medical services. I really like medical spa treatments because it gives me a great environment and health consultation to make my body relax.
  • Hammam spa– This is very old and popular spa. In the spa technique people use the essential herbal oils to massage the body. It cleans the pores of the body and toxins. After the massage you can take a hot steam bath in sauna.
  • Relaxation spa– These spa are those which located in the resort and provides various facilities to feel fresh and relax the body. They also offers the best body scrub, massage treatment.